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Coin Information

Major changes of the HumanX project. HumanX will use ERC20 to Swap the old ERC20 Token and Stellar Token into one.

Mainnet will be deployed after HMX is listed on large Exchange with liquidity. Swap from ERC20 to mannet will take place automatically at Exchange

Total supply: 99,000,000 HMX

Supply: 49,000,000 HMX

Old contract: 0x91432f5e45a5e30f5e29fea0fd5ef5cb6b303440

New contract: 0xf732e888e077e873972741fbdd642491bd121f88

Mining and Staking
Presale - IEO

Our Mission

what we do

Relieving Poverty

Quality Education



Natural Disasters



Million Coin







Road Map

Project schedule

Market research, Search for affiliates, Development Preparation. Project idea formation, Market analysis, development prospects, aims and mission of the project.


Marketing strategy, Integration with necessary analytical sources.


Launching, Development of Smart contract, Listed on the market.


Airdrop, Pre-sale, IEO, Listed on the market. Connection of necessary data sources, aggregation and accumulation.


International localization of the project. HMX liquidity, platforms of HMX, New timeline.

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The HumanX project officially came back and went into operation.
We send every first 10,000 users 250 HMX coins just need to complete simple tasks

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Join airdrop here: https://gleam.io/FOOSf/airdrop-get-250-hmx-up-to-25-limited-to-the-first-10000-people

Coin information:
Circulating Supply: 49,000,000 HMX
Pre-sale: 10,000,000 HMX
IEO: 30,000,000 HMX

Presale day: August 23, 2019 - October 23, 2019
Presale Allocation: 10,000,000 HMX
Presale Price: 1 ETH = 50,000 HMX [1 HMX ≈ 0.00386 USD]
Minimum Buy: 0.001 ETH

IEO day: 4th Quarter 2019
IEO Allocation: 30,000,000 HMX
IEO Price ETH: 1 ETH = 20,000 HMX [1 HMX ≈ 0.00965 USD]
IEO Price LA: 1 LA = 10 HMX [1 HMX ≈ 0.00920 USD]

HumanX's main investor proposed a reasonable selling price of HMX token and ensured a high liquidity.
The presale takes place with airdrop, only 10 million HMX for presale, Presale will stop after selling out. Then the IEO phase will begin.

Mail: contact@hmx.global
HumanX's official blockchain:

Core Specification
Consensus Algorithm: PoS + zPoS Hybrid
Block size: 2 MB
Block Time: 60 Seconds (Re-targeting every block)
Transactions per second: 173 TPS (current theoretical maximum)
Mine-able: No
Stake-able: Yes (Earn block reward from coin ownership)
Masternode Support: Yes, 10,000 HMX per masternode

Coin Emission Rate
Block reward: Max. 10 HMX per block (split dynamically between staker & masternode)
Budget reward: Max. 2 HMX per block (paid out monthly)

Maximum Coin Supply
At June 2019: 49,000,000 HMX
By June 2020: 53,481,027 HMX
By June 2040: 78,263,570 HMX
By June 2060: 99,000,000 HMX
(Theoretical maximum. Will actually be lower due to fee burning + partial budget generation.)

PoS Stake Eligibility
Maturity Confirms: 101 confirms
Wallet Status: Requires core wallet to remain online and unlocked for staking.

zPoS Stake Eligibility
Maturity Confirms: 200 confirms
Wallet Status: Requires core wallet to remain online and unlocked for staking.

Transaction Send Eligibility
Minimum Confirm (HMX) : 6 confirms
Minimum Confirm (zHMX): 20 confirms + 1 new mint of the same denomination in the network

SwiftX Eligibility
Confirmations: 1 for locking and 6 to spend.
Collateral held time: 15 minutes.

Masternode Network Expiry
Node expiration: 120 minutes
Node removal: 130 minutes

Privacy Feature
Privacy Technology: Custom Zerocoin Protocol based on libzerocoin
Key Features: Custom accumulator check-pointing system
Accumulator Modulus: RSA-2048
zHMX Denominators: 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000
Mint time: >= 0.5 seconds
Spend time: >= 2.5 seconds
Maximum single Spend limit: 50,000 HMX
Maximum single Spend denomination count limit: 7
Fees (mint): 0.01 HMX per minted zHMX denomination.
Fees (spend): No fee
Minimum HMX confirmation count required to mint zHMX: 6 confirmations
Minimum zHMX confirmation count required before spend: 20 confirmations
Maturity requirement before zHMX can be spent: 1 new identical denomination mint added to accumulator

Proof of Work (PoW) Phase Period
Block 2-509400

Proof of Stake (PoS) Phase Period
Block 509401-1353641

Zerocoin Proof of Stake (zPoS) Phase Period
Block 1353641 onward

*HMX blockchain is open source that is edited and upgraded system. Increase performance by 300% compared to old blockchain.

Swap will take place after the IEO ends. Old ERC20 token, new ERC20 token and Stellar Token will be swapped to HumanX's mainnet.

Swap ratio: 100 HMX (old) = 1 HMX (new)

Old swap data: bit.ly/33Ry3k9

Any question: contact@hmx.global

The HumanX project had to pause to find investors. After 2 months HumanX has found the best investors and organizations to lead the project to success.

The old Token HumanX code was split into many parts and the supply was too large, leading to a delay in the project. After the meeting, HumanX decided to merge the old token at the ERC20 and Stellar platforms into a new ERC20 token.

  • Swap ratio: 100 HMX (old) = 1 HMX (new)
  • Reducing initial supply from 2.1 billion HMX to 49 million HMX.
  • The maximum supply: 99 million HMX
  • Circulating Supply: 49 million HMX
  • 50 million HMX will be Mining, Staking and Masternode.

Purpose of the new token:

  • Airdrop distribution
  • Pre-sale
  • IEO
  • Helping the distribution process happen faster.


The HumanX official mainnet will go live after the IEO is completed. All holders of HMX token ERC20 will be swap automatically at the exchanges.

- contact@hmx.global

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